.: Retail

FengShui by Sakura retail and small business recommendations will activate:

.: Opportunity – customer traffic through the front door

.: Ringing of the cash register

.: Relationships between suppliers and buyers

.: Relationships with employees

FengShui by Sakura retail and small business recommendations will include:

.: Placement and arrangement of product on the floor

.: Placement and direction of the cash register

.: Placement of features to enhance activity

.: Furnishing colours, materials and patterns to enhance cash flow

Feng Shui is a tool to help business owners achieve greater opportunities. A Feng Shui assessment may lead to recommendations like – the best position for the sales register, product placement on the floor, if possible altering the front entrance and change to décor. If followed correctly, these types of recommendations will have an instant impact on opportunities and sales.

From the retail assessments I have conducted, just relocating the office desk and strategically placing product in different locations of the floor has attributed to direct and over night results to customer traffic flow and opportunities.”

Feng Shui can be used by business owners to ascertain if the shop front is located in a building that will bring good fortune or whether it is one that will require more persistent hard work to gain cash flow. If there are persistent and unforeseen legal issues or bad relationships between suppliers and employees, an assessment can usually explain which area of the business this is occurring and provide remedies to reduce the impact.

Each commercial place of business will be different as it depends on the floor plan, current usage of each room or sector of the floor and the age of the building. The other factor in determining success for the business is the owner’s profile. Good floor plan and layout is one component to Feng Shui, it is ultimately up to the individuals to convert the opportunities to sales and maintain good relationships. The attitude of the business owner can be just as important as correct positioning of tangible assets. Mariko’s skills in Feng Shui extend to individual profiling and forecasting. Her consultations will not only recommend placement of furnishings and correct usage of rooms, the profile will give insight to questions like:

.: Is this the right time for the owner to take risks (e.g. expand)?;

.: Will this business be the right thing for me in the long term?;

.: Will I have a good relationship with suppliers?;

.: When is the best time for the owner to launch a new business? And so on.

Symbols are often used in many retail stores – you may see a Maneki Neko (waving cat) at the register or Three Legged Frog hopping into the front door. Symbols will have a great psychological impact but knowing the unseen energies and how they change over time in your place of business will have a real impact. Whether established or a start up, if you want to give your business the edge and get some additional advice from Mariko’s extensive business consulting experience, contact mariko@fengshuibysakura.com.au .

Mariko is based in Sydney and performs consultations nationally and internationally. Mariko travels to your place of business and will work with you to devise a workable Feng Shui business plan for the year ahead. A Feng Shui consultation for any business is considered a tool for your business and is tax deductible – ask your accountant.

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